Visa Checkout Electronic Communication Policy

You have consented to receive documents, notices and other communications electronically about your Visa Checkout account. We may communicate with you, to the extent permitted by law, regarding any matter relating to Visa Checkout via electronic communications to you, including via electronic mail to the email address you provided for this purpose in connection with your Visa Checkout account, and/or via postings on the Visa Checkout website, including notices and other communications required to be provided in writing. All electronic communications from us to you are deemed to be communications "in writing" and are deemed to be delivered to you on the earlier of the date actually received or five days from the date of posting or dissemination. By using Visa Checkout, we are not obligated to provide any additional hard copy communications to you.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you check your emails regularly for communications from us. You must ensure that emails from us are not blocked on your email account, and also that the email address you have provided to us remains current. In addition, you authorize us to act on any instructions which are provided by you to us electronically.

To access information electronically, you need a Windows or Mac-compatible computer, Internet access, a JavaScript and cookie-enabled browser with 256-bit encryption and an email account. Supported operating systems/browsers are Windows XP (Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 7, Chrome 16) Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 7, Chrome 16) Mac OSX 10.6 (FireFox 7, Chrome 16) Mac OSX 10.7 (FireFox 7, Chrome 16). To retain copies of electronic communications, you need a printer attached to your computer or the ability to save an electronic copy. Additionally, you must have a Visa Checkout account username and password, and in certain circumstances correct responses to security questions or other security challenges, to access information electronically or to conduct any activity regarding your Visa Checkout account.

You can close your Visa Checkout account by following the instructions in the Customer Support section of the Visa Checkout website. Once your account is closed you will no longer receive documents, notices and other communications electronically about your Visa Checkout account.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change this Visa Checkout Electronic Communication Policy. We will provide you with notice of any such change as required by law.

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